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    Alekawa is your gateway to language and culture services. Our focus lies in teaching Indonesian language and culture to foreigners, and English to the local community. Our institution was established in response to the growing demand from both the Indonesian and foreign communities visiting Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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    We use a communicative approach that progressively develops from everyday contexts to formal situations. We also incorporate various teaching methods to cater to each student’s learning style.

    Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers" (BIPA)

    Programs designed for BIPA learners, both for children and adults


    Cultural Programs

    Immersive Cultural Insights Program/ In-Depth Cultural Exchange Program


    English Programs

    Program to learn to speak, write, speak and listen in English.


    Language Proficiency Tests

    Language proficiency tests for you to assess your language abilities in both Indonesian and English.


    Learn in a fun class atmosphere

    What do they say?

    Micah Parker

    "We’ve had a great experience studying Indonesian at Alekawa. All of the teachers are excellent and very personable. It felt like a family from day one! We’ve also loved the cultural trips they offer to places like Toraja and Pangkep! We highly recommend studying at Alekawa"

    Amy Joy

    "I am grateful for my time studying at Alekawa. The tutors were knowledgeable and patient. They welcomed my questions and explained concepts over and over again when needed. I feel that my time studying at Alekawa paired with my time practicing what I learned in the community helped me learn quickly. Also, when I had cultural questions/ confusion from experiences I was having, the tutors provided very helpful insight. I would not have been able to learn language as I did if it weren’t for my time at Alekawa"

    Alexander Lee

    “My experience at Alekawa was very helpful. I particularly enjoyed learning with multiple teachers, as each of their strengths helped my language skills to grow in a holistic way. I am thankful to Alekawa for helping me to reach a level where I can comfortably converse in Indonesian in most contexts. Lastly, an unexpected joy was feeling like I was part of a close-knit family! The staff are very warm and kind towards their students”

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    Frequently asked questions

    What makes Makassar as the best city to study Indonesian?

    Makassar is the city where people communicate speedier than most regions in Indonesia, this condition helps your language ability grow faster. Makassar is part of East Indonesia where life goes a lot more conventional than the western part. It will allow you to experience the authentic Indonesian life. Moreover Makassar serves as the gateway to Eastern Indonesia, situated in South Sulawesi. Here, you can discover a wide array of attractions, including beaches, mountains, waterfalls, caves, historical sites, and more. Makassar is one of Indonesia’s metropolitan cities and a key hub in the eastern part of the country, making it convenient for adaptation. Nevertheless, Makassar preserves much of Indonesia’s distinctive traditions and the Bugis Makassar culture. Furthermore, Makassar serves as a starting point for adventures in Eastern Indonesia, known for its vast natural resources such as coconuts, bananas, coffee, and chocolate, as well as abundant seafood like fish and sea cucumbers. It is also a major nickel mining area with numerous captivating tourist destinations that should not be missed.”

    How long does it take to learn everyday Indonesian at Alekawa?

    In general, every student is different, but based on our experience since 2017, students have been able to communicate in everyday contexts after studying for 3 months.

    When does Alekawa open student admissions?

    We accept students year-round, and students can choose a convenient start time for their classes anytime.

    How many students are there in each class?

    Most of our classes are tutorial-style (one teacher for one student) to ensure maximum learning outcomes. However, if students prefer larger classes, we are also accustomed to larger group classes, especially in collaborative settings

    What kind of people typically study at Alekawa?

    Most of the individuals who study at Alekawa are families who have decided to start businesses in Indonesia. However, our learners come from diverse backgrounds; aside from prospective entrepreneurs in Indonesia, we also have recipients of Indonesian government scholarships, expatriates, researchers, tourists, prospective employees in Indonesia, children of learners, and even consulate staff.

    Do I need to obtain a student visa to study at Alekawa?

    You can use any type of visa to study at Alekawa, whether it’s a tourist visa or a visitation visa.