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Alekawa is here as a hub for language and culture services. Our focus lies in teaching Indonesian language and culture to foreigners, and English to the local community. 

Alekawa is established as a hub for language and cultural services. Our primary focus is on teaching Indonesian language and culture to foreigners, as well as providing English language education to the local community.

The establishment of this institution is driven by the needs of both the Indonesian and foreign communities visiting Indonesia, particularly the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi. The interest of people, both local and international, in visiting Makassar has grown rapidly since its designation as a global city and its receipt of several awards in recent years. This is further supported by Makassar’s strategic location as a gateway to tourist destinations like Tana Toraja, Bira Beach, Bantimurung, Rammang-rammang, and many more. As a result, travelers are often required to visit Makassar before reaching these destinations. Moreover, Makassar offers ample business opportunities, attracting expatriates to establish their residence here.

Conversely, the local community greatly benefits from comprehensive foreign language education, particularly in English. Students, in particular, are being prepared to face the challenges of the free market on both the Asian and global scales. Proficiency in foreign languages is crucial for their success. Additionally, the Indonesian government strongly supports students in pursuing education abroad by offering full scholarships. This support significantly motivates students to engage in English language studies.

The name ‘Alekawa’ is derived from a Bugis manuscript, which divides the world into three realms: the upper world known as Botting Langiq, the middle world called Alekawa, and the lower world named Peretiwi. In this narrative, the Creator in Botting Langiq recognizes that the middle realm, Alekawa, must serve as a space for interactions among various beings. This convergence of elements shapes the world, where humanity collaboratively constructs its civilization. This involves mutual respect, an understanding of diversity, the preservation of the universe, and devotion to the Creator. Alekawa symbolizes the nexus where relationships and connections thrive. This inspirational spirit led to the establishment of the Alekawa Language and Culture Center, fostering a platform for diverse cultural exchanges and perspectives.

Since its establishment in March 2017, the Alekawa Language and Culture Center operates under the Meufa Indonesia Cerdas Foundation. Having provided assistance to thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds in linguistic matters, we have received accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Early Childhood and Non-formal Education (BAN PAUD dan NF) with a B accreditation rating on December 3, 2019.”


Become a center of language enrichment, elevating communities through the mastery of languages and cultural insights in Eastern Indonesia.


  1. Enhancing human capabilities and resources through diverse training programs.
  2. Elevating proficiency in foreign languages.
  3. Advancing proficiency in Indonesian language for Non-Native Speakers (BIPA).
  4. Providing language instruction in Indonesian and English for business and academic writing.
  5. Offering testing services.
  6. Fostering cross-cultural understanding.