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Language Program

We offer a variety of our best programs tailored to meet the needs of learners!

English Programs

  1. General English: Designed for local individuals to become proficient in speaking, writing, reading, and listening in English.
  2. English Conversation: Tailored for those who wish to concentrate on enhancing their speaking skills in English.
  3. TOEFL Preparation Course: Specifically crafted for scholarship applicants or job seekers who require TOEFL certificates, including both the prediction and ITP versions.
  4. IELTS Preparation Course: Conducted to prepare scholarship applicants for overseas studies requiring IELTS scores.
  5. TOEIC Preparation Course: Designed to assist in tackling English language test questions within a professional context.

Testing Programs

  1. TOEFL ITP Test: This is an English as a Foreign Language test. It’s commonly required as a prerequisite for educational pursuits and job applications.
  2. TOEFL Prediction Test: The Prediction/Equivalent Test is frequently used to estimate an individual’s TOEFL score before they take the TOEFL ITP test.
  3. IELTS-like Test: Designed to assess language proficiency for individuals aiming to study or work in English-speaking environments. This test is highly sought after by students wishing to study in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and increasingly, in the United States. Virtually all colleges and universities accept IELTS scores as an admission requirement for all programs. The IELTS-like test is used to predict one’s proficiency before attempting the actual IELTS test.
  4. TOEIC Test: Measures English language abilities for individuals learning or working in a global setting. TOEIC scores indicate how effectively someone can communicate in English within everyday contexts.