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Indonesian Language for Non-Native Speakers (BIPA) Program
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Welcome to Alekawa's Indonesian Language Program, crafted exclusively for non-native speakers seeking to embrace the rich language and culture of Indonesia. Immerse yourself in a delightful learning experience with our team of professional and experienced tutors and staff. Situated in Makassar, the gateway to the enchanting eastern part of Indonesia, Alekawa offers a unique blend of warmth and authenticity for your language learning journey. Join us and discover the vibrant culture and lifestyle that make Alekawa the perfect place to enhance your journey in learning Indonesian language and culture.

Our regular program comprises both intensive and non-intensive options. The intensive classes are tailored for students holding Alekawa-sponsored student visas and for anyone eager to learn every day for at least a month. Non-intensive classes are designed for followers/partners of student visa holders and those who prefer to learn a few times per week, at least for a month.

Every new learner at Alekawa will be given a language proficiency test to determine their initial skill level. We offer three language proficiency levels which divided into 10 units, with an additional 2 units of optional materials. Whether you are on a learning adventure every day or prefer a more flexible schedule, Alekawa caters to your unique language learning needs. Here are the language profiency levels we offer. 

Basic Level (unit 1-3)

At this level, learners will be instructed in basic Indonesian language skills to facilitate effective communication in everyday contexts. Everyday culture is also a focal point, ensuring learners feel more comfortable adapting to Indonesian culture. In this stage, students delve into materials spanning units 1-3, encompassing 20 sessions per unit (including language progress assessments after each unit), with a total of 60 sessions.

Join us on this foundational level, where you will not only grasp the essentials of the Indonesian language but also gain insights into the everyday culture that surrounds it. With a comprehensive approach, Alekawa ensures a well-rounded learning experience for your language journey.

Intermediate Level (Units 4-6)

In this level, learners will acquire language skills that aid in communication and understanding information on various light topics within diverse contexts. Additionally, students will delve into a more detailed exploration of everyday culture, including specific traditions commonly practiced in society. In Units 4-7, students will participate in weekly outing classes, enhancing their practical language application.

The intermediate level comprises Units 4-6, with 20 sessions per unit (including language proficiency assessments after each unit), total 60 sessions. As you progress through this level, Alekawa ensures a dynamic learning experience where language proficiency meets cultural immersion.

Join us in this phase, where you will not only refine your language skills but also deepen your understanding of the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture.

Pre-Advanced Level (Units 7-9)

In the Pre-Advanced level, we equip students with the ability to communicate in Indonesian across a wider array of topics, including formal contexts. This stage not only focuses on in-depth communication but also emphasizes the understanding and conveyance of information through both oral and written means, in both formal and informal settings.

Cultural elements are explored in greater depth, offering insights into the reasons behind societal perspectives and traditions. Join us in the Pre-Advanced level (Units 7-9), where you will not only broaden your language proficiency but also gain the skills to navigate and express yourself in formal and non-formal contexts. Alekawa is your partner in achieving linguistic and cultural fluency.

Advanced Level (Unit 10+)

In the advanced level, students have training to use Indonesian in a more natural and effective manner while paying close attention to cultural nuances within society. Unit 10 marks a pivotal point where students consolidate their language proficiency and cultural understanding gained from units 1-9. Learners will engage in a self-selected final project, which may take the form of a simple research project, book review, speech, storytelling, video creation, and more.

Upon completion of the final project, students have the freedom to choose specific materials for further language practice and deeper cultural understanding. Tutors will present engaging material options to solidify students' proficiency at the advanced level. Additionally, students have the opportunity to request specific learning materials, and tutors will assist in preparing them. In this phase, Alekawa empowers students to tailor their learning experience, fostering language mastery and cultural fluency.

Learning Materials

Our instructional materials are carefully designed in accordance with the national BIPA teaching standards. Beyond language proficiency, our focus extends to imparting a comprehensive understanding of Indonesian culture in general and the local culture in particular. Should learners have specific requests for materials or more detailed syllabi, we are more than happy to assist in creating them at no additional cost to the course.

To enhance the learning experience, we also include outing classes. This segment is tailored to provide students with opportunities to directly apply the language they have learned in the classroom. Outing classes also aid students in getting to know Makassar better.

As a complement to language and cultural learning at Alekawa, classroom materials are augmented with bi-monthly group meetings. These activities may include discussions with cultural experts, learning to cook Indonesian dishes, and engaging in conversations with tutors and fellow students on various interesting topics. This multifaceted approach ensures a well-rounded and immersive learning experience at Alekawa, where language proficiency and cultural understanding go hand in hand.





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B. Regular Program


Intensive Course


20 meetings

40 hours


(Monday - Friday)


Non Intensive course


20 meetings

40 hours


Registration Types

In our regular program, there are two registration options: registration with a study visa sponsored by Alekawa and registration without sponsorship. If you wish to register with Alekawa sponsorship, please click the sponsored registration button. For those who prefer to register without sponsorship, please click the non-sponsored registration button.

The non-regular program is designed for individuals who wish to learn without following our regular curriculum. This program offers two options:

Step-out Class The Step-out class is a flexible option that can be taken at any time, without being bound by the Alekawa curriculum. Learners have the freedom to choose the material they want to study, which can be assisted in preparation by the teacher at no additional cost or prepared independently by the learner. The selected material can include various topics, such as specific cultures and traditions for in-depth exploration, grammar, and more.

Short Course/Crash Course This program is tailored for those visiting Indonesia for a few days to a few weeks. In this class, learners will be taught basic Indonesian language skills to meet their needs during their stay in Indonesia, such as greetings, shopping, ordering food in restaurants, etc. Additionally, the learning will cover basic cultural understanding, such as dressing etiquette and greetings.


C. Non-Regular Program


Step Out


1 meeting

90 minutes


Short course/Crash course


1 meeting

90 minutes



This program is designed for learners aged 6-17 who are eager to explore the Indonesian language and culture. Tailored to the age group, BIPA Kids employs a learning-through-play approach. Additionally, we provide experienced educators accustomed to working with children and teenagers from diverse cultural backgrounds. The materials are adjusted to suit the learners' age levels. Moreover, the in-class learning process is complemented by off-site activities to interesting and child-friendly locations. These extracurricular activities aim to provide direct practice for learners, create an exciting learning atmosphere, and help them become more acquainted with Makassar.

If students have specific requests for learning materials, we can assist in preparing them at no additional cost. The BIPA Kids program is divided into three levels.


This level is designed for children aged 6-11. At this level, children will be introduced to everyday vocabulary. Subsequently, they will gradually learn to use it in very simple sentences for daily communication. Language complexity will be increased according to the child's language development. Moreover, they will be taught age-appropriate aspects of Indonesian culture to enrich their learning experience


Junior is designed for learners aged 12-14. In the Junior level, students will be taught the use of everyday language with a higher level of complexity compared to the Freshman level. The complexity and language contexts taught will gradually become more diverse, aligning with their age group. Additionally, they will delve into cultural understanding suitable for teenagers.


Senior is tailored for learners aged 15-17. In this level, students will not only be taught slightly more complex everyday language but also with more diverse contexts than the two previous levels. This is due to the broader social interactions and conversation topics unique to teenagers. Moreover, the cultural aspects they learn will be more closely aligned with the general adult culture in Indonesia. The Senior level provides an advanced and age-appropriate exploration of both language and culture for older learners.

We create learning materials that adhere to national standards while incorporating the local culture of South Sulawesi, particularly Makassar. Despite this focus, we also impart general Indonesian culture. The materials are designed by aligning them with the needs of children to play, seamlessly integrating them with the use of the Indonesian language.

Our approach ensures that the learning materials not only meet educational standards but also engage children in playful and interactive ways. By incorporating local culture and tailoring the content to the playful nature of children, we aim to make the language learning experience enjoyable and culturally enriching. Join us in the BIPA for Kids program, where language and culture come to life through engaging and age-appropriate materials.


D. BIPA for Kids


Elementary Class            (6 - 11 y.o)


1 meeting

90 minutes


Junior Class (12 - 14 y.o)


1 meeting

90 minutes


Senior Class (15 - 17 y.o)


1 meeting

90 minutes